How to Order


To order our products just follow these steps.

1. Register your own account first (recommended) for recording your details on the database.
You can add the items to a cart  today and place the order in the future without disappearing of your selected cart.
Just login back to your account and click on thecart iconat the right top, then all your selected items appear.
The cart will go “0” (zero) when you logout.

2. Add the items you would want to a cart. (minimum 200 USD.)
If you wold like to increase the amount , please click on the increment arrow 
instead of typing the amount (or the new amount may be back to the default setting ) then hit “add”

3. View your shopping cart by clicking “cart icon” at the right top.

4. You can change the amount and do not forget to click “Update cart”

5. If you don’t want some item, just click “x” at the left of each item to remove it from your shopping cart.

6. If you want to trash all your items, just click “Empty Cart”

7. If everything is looked good, go ahead your shopping by clicking “Proceed to Check out”

8. Fill out your billing details then the shipping cost will be appeared and if you have some important notes, please fill in the “Order notes” area.

9. To finish your order just click “Place order”
payment could be made after getting the confirmation from Siamminiature.

You will receive a copy of your order list sent to your email together with payment details

Any questions, please feel free to email to “”

Thank you for shopping.!!!

tips for ordering

As the table below is the sample of how to calculate the shipping cost to Australia (Thailand Post rate)
Other countries is the same pattern.

The shipping  cost will be changed individually  in each 50 grams of products weight until the transition level at 2000 grams.  The shipping cost will jump up so much even 1 g. exceeding 2000 grams. and stay at that point for  1000 grams interval. In each range, you can add up the items from 70 to 200 pcs. before the shipping cost jump to the next interval. So you can manage the shipping cost/piece  that not exceeding your budget by add up the items as many as it should be or remove  some items before the shipping cost will jump to the next interval.

shipping rate