Welcome to Siamminiature


This site provided for miniature collectors and for those who would like to start a business with miniature clay  as their major or even minor income.

You can absolutely sell our handmade products online or if you already have your miniature shop,try selling our lucrative clay work products and you will get highest satisfaction.
Some store owners bought our miniature clay for modifying to variety lovely gifts such as rings or earings.Some people bought for decorating their dollhouses or roomboxes.

With our minimum order of 200 USD.,everyone can be our distributors. Many designs and wide range of miniature clay such as clay cakes,clay flowers,etc.may be fit your need by visiting our website.With our flexible criteria,you may tell us adjust the item’s size a bit to suit your need.It’s no problem.

We always ship miniature clay products worldwide by using the “Thailand post ” as a major postal service that be a partnership with any countries’ postal services around the globe and DHL,UPS in sometimes. It’s up to you.

You can pay by your major credit cards through PayPal .
Another choice is paying directly to my bank account through “transfer wise”.
Payment fee will be absorbed by Siamminiature.

Enjoy shopping!! and thanks for visiting us.]